Guest Blog by 7Sketches

Guest Blog by 7Sketches

Since re-launching, we've come across a lot of super talented artists that have been influenced by "Da'Boys", Thrilla Gorilla and Steve Nazar's art in some way.  As a side project, we thought it'd be fun to start highlighting some of these artists on our blog. One of these artists is "7Sketches", a Hawaiian artist of whom we're BIG fans. We love his art so much we teamed up and put out a sticker which you can get here. He was also kind enough to jump on our blog and write something up for us. See below:

7Sketches x Thrilla Krew
by 7Sketches

I've been drawing since I was a little kid and now I'm a big, old kid, still doodling. My art tends to be fun and colorful. My style pulls a little from graffiti art, comic books, comic strips, anime, kawaii character design, and the art of designer toys.
I remember when I was in elementary school, Thrilla Gorilla t-shirt designs were so popular. I was a huge fan of Steve Nazar and Tak Kawahara's characters. It wasn't enough for me to own shirts, stickers, and folders with Da' Boys on them. I had to draw them, over and over! I remember for a class project for father's day, I drew my dad as Joe Cool (wearing Micheal Jackon's "Bad" outfit, haha). I still have that drawing and original stickers I bought from a local surf shop!

Fast forward years later and I find myself online combing Ebay for Thrilla Gorilla merch. I actually spent $50 on a "Hard Core Detective Stories" sticker, because I'm so hard core! Needless to say, when I heard that Thrilla Krew was back, I was super stoked!

I now design my own stickers and shirts and I'm still influenced by Steve's work, with eye-catching character design being the focus of my art. I am beyond honored to be part of a collaboration design with the legendary Thrilla Krew!

Buy the limited edition sticker collab here
See more of 7Sketches work on his Instagram @7sketches
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